Real Estate Auctions

In recent years the United States economy has experienced dramatic growth in the sale of real estate at auction.

Auctions Create Urgency and Competition

Auctions are exciting events, forcing qualified buyers to a single moment of decision. Buyers must seize the opportunity on auction day. Competitive bidding increases interest and prices. Most importantly, real estate sales are confirmed within minutes - sales that could have otherwise taken months or even years to generate and finalize.

Auction Advantages

Property owners have begun to recognize the advantages of the auction alternative - among them, speed, increase in price through competitive bidding, reduction in the cost of carrying a property, immediate attention focused on a specific property, and creation of a sense of urgency to buy.

Success on Auction Day

On auction day, buyers come prepared to BUY. Registration forms, information brochures, contracts, title work and everything necessary to conduct the sale is in place. Buyers know the amount of deposit required at the time of the sale, and financing commitments have often already been arranged. Once the bidding begins, it move quickly to a final, successful sale.

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