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Sparta, NJ Luxury Home

Friday, September 28th 11AM

Sussex Mill
33 Deire Drive
Sparta, NJ 07871

By Retention of Eric Perkins Chapter 7, Trustee
In The Matter of Allied Healthcare, Inc.

A 3,857 Square Foot Luxury Home on 1.58 Acres. Located In Desirable Sussex Mills Neighborhood.

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Inspection Date: 
Sunday, September 23rd 12PM to 4PM
Thursday, September 27th 3PM to 6PM

Auctioneer's Note: 

While information used in this auction was gathered from sources believed to be reliable, Auctioneers and Attorneys are not guaranteeing this information. This Auction is based solely on bidders research and due diligence.

Auction Terms: 

1. Minimum 10% deposit at conclusion of sale. All bidders must come to the auction with a $25,000 Cashier's Check (made payable to Eric Perkins, Trustee). Should the bidding exceed $250,000 a personal check may be used for the balance of the 10% deposit.
2. No one will be permitted to bid without the required Cashier's Check "in their pocket" at time of auction.
3. A second 10% deposit (in Certified Funds) will be delivered to the trustee within 7 days of the auction or auction confirmation.
4. Both the high bidder & second highest bidder are bound to their bids. The second highest bidder's check will be held by Auctioneer until high bidder submits second 10% deposit.
5. Property is being sold free & clear of all liens, judgements, taxes & encumbrances. Attorneys are guaranteeing marketable title.
6. Property is being sold "as is, where is".
7. Property is being sold without contingencies. Including but not limited to environmental issues or obtaining a mortgage.
8. There is no Attorney Review. A copy of the agreement of sale is posted on this webpage, please print and give to your attorney prior to the sale.
9. Deposit money given by high bidder is non-refundable. Should high bidder not close for any reason and there is a shortfall in a re-sale (due to default of high bidder) high bidder is responsible for any shortfall and any cost in a resale.
10. Auction sale price is subject to confirmation by Attorneys and/or the Bankruptcy Court.


Hi, Can u tell me what r the property taxes per year and for what year r the taxes for, if u can. Bill H

$16,726 (2010)

How many bedrooms and bathrooms ? Also please confirm Central Air.

Kathleen, Thanks for your interest. There is a total of 5 Bedrooms and a second story large Rec Room (no closets). The house is equiped with multi-zone air conditioning. Not sure on how many bathrooms - will have to get back to you on that one.

Are there any underground storage tanks? Where is oil tank?

The only oil tanks I am aware of are the two newer above ground oil tanks located next to the furnace in the basement. The are located in the following picture. <a href="" target="_blank">Photo of Oil Burner & Hot Water Heater</a>

is there a resurve?

Hi Jim, Thanks for your interest. There is no reserve. This is a Bankruptcy auction which technically requires the approval of the trustee or court. However we don't anticipate any reason why it wouldn't be approved. This is one of several properties in a large Bankruptcy matter and we haven't had a problem with getting any of the other properties approved.

Ultimately, the remaining balance, is it a cash deal, or can the balance be with a mortgage?

Jeff, Thanks for your interest. Closing must take place within 30 days. Time is of the essence. If you are unable to close withing the alotted time you will lose your deposit. There is no mortgage contingency. In the past some buyers have obtained mortgages for properties purchased at our auctions. However there is the time risk.

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