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US Marshals Seized Vehicle Auction

Thursday, April 18th 11AM

USMS Auction Facility
39 Robinson Road
Lodi, NJ 07644

An Assortment of High End, Suv’s, Luxury & Sports Cars
Plus:  International Tandem Axle Truck Tractor & Fruehauf Tandem Axle Trailer



Inspection Date: 
Wednesday, April 17th 9AM to 5PM

Pickup Date: 
Friday, April 19th 9AM to 3PM
Auctioneer's Note: 

Inspection Day hours have changed. 
Please join us on Wednesday between 9AM - 5PM.  Vehicles will be started at 11 AM & 2 PM.

Bidder Registration on Inspection Day & begining at 10AM morning of auction.

Format:  "Auction Lane" - Inside our climate controled building the audience will be seated and the cars will be driven up to the podium. The bidding will commence and once a vehicle is sold, the next vehicle will be brought up. The vehicles will be sold in lot # order as they are listed in the Auction Catalog.

We strongly encourage all bidders to consider joining us on inspection day. As we don't offer inspection on the day of the auction.

Auction Terms: 

Please be aware, the deposit and final payment requirements are different than our other auctions. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our regular customers, however we must follow specific guidelines regarding procedure. Therefore all bidders will be expected to abide by the Terms of Sale as provided below.

  • Deposit (each individual lot is considered a seperate purchase)
  • A Purchase of $5,000 or more requires an immediate $5,000 deposit.
  • A Purchase under $5,000 requires an immediate $1,000 deposit.
  • A Purchase less than $1,000 will require immediate full payment.

Cash Equivalent Money
All deposits and final payments must be in the form of a bank cashier’s check or cash, U.S. Funds. All bank cashier’s checks must be made payable to: MSN Services, LLC. Personal or business checks, bank letters of guarantee or bank letters of credit will not be accepted at this auction.

Click Here: To View Complete "Terms of Sale"



what kind of cars are being auctioned ,do you have a list

John, We do not have the list of vehicles for the April Auction yet. Typically we receive the list 3 to 4 weeks prior to the sale. It will be posted (with pictures) as soon as we get it. If you wish to see the vehices sold (with the prices) for the last auction held in January, please go to "past auctions" and click on the January US Marshall's Sale. Mike Sklar

what model vehicles are being auctioned

Darryl, We do not have the list of vehicles for the April Auction. The US Marshalls usually provide the list approx. 3 to 4 weeks before the auction. As soon as we get the list it will be posted on this webpage. There will also be digital pictures provided (on this webpage) prior to the auction date. Mike Sklar

let me know when vehicles are posted

Mark, Thank you for the inquiry. As soon as we have the list (usually 3 weeks prior to the auction date) they will be posted under "helpful links". Mike Sklar

Please let me know when the list is posted

Pat, Thank you for the inquiry. As soon as we have the list (usually about 3 weeks prior to the auction date) it will be posted on this webpage under "helpful links". Mike Sklar

Please add me to your email distribution list for vehicle sales. Thanks, Dan

Dan Please provide us (via email) with your email address and we will add you to the monthly Upcoming Auctions email.

please notify me of all auctions that you have coming up. Thankyou

Dan Please provide us (via email) with your email address and we will add you to the monthly Upcoming Auctions email.

Please let me know when the list for the auction is posted. It is Open to the public?

Pierre, Yes the sale is open to the public. As soon as we get the list it will be posted on this webpage under "Helpful Links". Check back toward the beginning of April. Mike

Could you please send a list to my email when it is available. Thank you

Doug, The website doesn't provide me with your email. If you haven't done so already, please sign up for our email list. We should have the vehicle list before April 1st. Thanks, Harry

I would appreciate if I can be contacted with information pertaining to this and future auctions. Looking forward to your auctions and reply! Thank you.

Giorgio, Thanks for your interest. Please visit our websites home page and join our email list to ensure you are notified about future auctions. Harry Byrnes

Please add me to your email distribution list. Thanks, Dan

Dan, Just go to our home page and type in your email address in the box under "email notifications". Harry will send you an email blast every month. Mike

is this a real auction and real US Marshall seized cars or just a scam that is being run because the idiots bidding are paying way more than fair market value ? Do you have any documentation or proof that this is authentic? are you sure that this is not a used car dealers perpetrating a fraud upon the public with your assistance and/or knowledge ?

Thank you for your interest. I can assure you our client is in fact the actual US Marshals Service we have invested a lot of time meeting with government officials in order to secure this contract. Several uniformed US Marshals attend the auction sale. Additionally if you visit the actual US Marshals website you can see a list of upcoming authorized vehicle auctions across the country. Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions. Harry Byrnes

I want to register on your website so that future to take part in the auction please help

Sergo, If you want to be notified of future auctions please register for email notifications which is located on our home page To register for the upcoming US Marshall Service Vehicle auction you do so on-site either the day before or the day of the auction. Please make sure you bring the proper deposit requirements as listed on the website. Thank you Mike

Please provide the Vin# for Lot 4- Camaro & Lot 27- F350. Is the F350 diesel or gas? Thanks, Craig

Craig Please send to your fax number. We are only allowed to give out vin #'s via fax and not by email. Mike

Hi, I'm interested on the BMW x5, 06 land rover, fx35, camaro, and the ml350. May you send me the vin #'s of the five cars I listed? My fax number is , thank you very much.

Mohamed The fax do not go through. Please send me your fax number again via Mike

In the Terms of Sale it states that you have until Friday 19th 2pm to make final payment or you will be deemed to be in default. The very next line states that if cars are not removed by 3pm the following day you will be deemed in default. Which is it?

Mike, Many buyers pay for the vehicles the day of the auction and pick them up the following day. The yard closes at 3pm on Friday and you will be responsible for storage charges if the vehicles are not picked up by 3pm. The hours for payment on Friday April 19th 9am till 2pm. The pickup period is until 3pm. I hope this clarifies this for you. So far (the 2 previous auctions) this has not been an issue to any of the buyers. Mike

can you please explain how do i bid for a car is my first time

Miguel, Thank you for the question. I would suggest you attend the open house on Wednesday, April 17th. Look at the vehicles and at the car faxes that will be on each of the windshields. Then come to the auction on April 18th. Make sure you have the proper deposit money "in your pocket". Deposit requirements are listed on the April 18th webpage on our website. Set yourself a price limit and bid on the car or cars. It is open/vocal "live" bidding. There are various websites on the internet that give current prices for the various cars we are selling (Kelly's Blue Book for one). Do some research and homework and come prepared. Should have further questions or you need to talk to Harry or myself call the office prior to the auction or seek one of us out at the open house. Additionally please read the terms (rules) of the auction. They must be strictly followed. We look forward to having you attend the auction. Mike

I'm interested in the Audi R8, however, I do understand this is an extremely high priced car. Do Auto Dealers typically attend your auto auctions? This will determine whether I might be interested in bidding by telephone, as I live the Southern California. Thanks! Craig

Craig, There is usually a mixture of dealers and end users that attend the US Marshalls Auctions. In order to bid via telephone we must have 24 hours in advance a $5000 deposit (Cashier's Check or a wire transfer only). We do not take credit cards. Additionally buyers must pay the balance and remove the vehicles by the day after the auction. We do not ship. If you can comply with these terms (as set by the US Marshalls) please email me directly as and I can send you deposit information. MIke Sklar

Is it possible for someone to send me the vin #'s of the vehicles either by e-mail ? Thank you

Michael, I faxed the vin #'s this morning. Mike Sklar

hey i have been to your previous auction in wayne.. I had a great time. Now im back with some ammo lol. May i get all the vins of all the cars since i might be purchasing multiple cars. I need to do all my hw before inspection date. Thanks saban memtov

Saban Call the office (908)789-9999 and leave your fax number. We will fax you the vin #'s. Mike

Is a valid passport and verbal social security number enough for registration or do I need to find my social security card?

Billie That will be fine. Mike

Where may i view the auction results?

Please follow the link above for "Auction Results"

How can I participate and buy in the auction?

Moises, The next Marshall Auction is set for July 18th (same location). All you need to do is show up and and register to bid (Driver's License and Social Security Number required). And of course you need to bring deposit money in the form of cashier's checks or cash to be able to participate. Mike

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