US Marshals Seized Vehicle Auction

Thursday, April 20th 11AM
AJ Willner Auctions Warehouse
39 Robinson Road
Lodi, NJ 07644
Inspection Date: 
Wednesday, April 19th
9AM to 5PM

Pickup Date: 
Thursday, April 20th
1PM to 4PM
Friday, April 21st
9AM to 4PM

Authorized by the United States Marshals Service


An Assortment of Luxury Sedans, High End SUV's & Sports Cars.

Auctioneer's Note: 
Registration begins 10AM morning of auction.
This auction the auction format will be "Auction Lane". Inside our climate controled building the audience will be seated and the cars will be driven up to the podium. The bidding will commence and once a vehicle is sold, the next vehicle will be brought up. The vehicles will be sold in lot # order as they are listed in the Auction Catalog.
We strongly encourage all bidders to join us on inspection day, as we don't offer inspection on the day of the auction.  The vehicles will only be started at 10AM & 2PM on Inspection Day.
A Photos & A Complete Inventory of Vehicles to be sold will be posted on this page on April 1st.  Please Check Back.


please place me on all up coming us marshals auctions,

Robert, To get on email list just type in your email address in the rectangular box provided on our home page. The US Marshal Vehicle Auctions are held 4 times a year. January, April, July and October (usually the 3rd Thursday of the month). Thank you, Mike

Please Note: The list of vehicles will be given to us on or around April 1 or 2. As soon as we get it it will posted (with digital pictures) on this webpage. Thank you for your patience. Mike

the date on the auctions in april for vehicles in lodi n.j. is that 2017? if not' could you please email me the dates of the 2017 auctions. thank you . david

David, It the 3rd Thursday in April, July and October. And yes that is for 2017! Mike

please put me on all emails thank you

Pat, Type in your email address in the rectangular box provided on our Home Page. I do not know your email address. Mike

Please add me on your email list thanks

Max, See above post. Go to our home page and type in your email address in the rectangular box provided.

Please Note: To view results from the January 26th Marshal Vehicle Auction, click on "Past Auctions" (located on top of this webpage) and then click on the January 26th Auction webpage. There is a link for results on that page. The vehicles pictured on this webpage were from a previous auction and are NOT in the April, 2017 auction.

Do you need to have an auction license to participate on your auction

Michelle, No. All you need is a valid Driver's License and of course the required deposit money (see above terms) in your pocket . Thank you for your interest. Mike

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