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US Marshals Seized Vehicle Auction

Thursday, October 24th 11AM

USMS Auction Facility
39 Robinson Road
Lodi, NJ 07644

Authorized By The United States Marshals Service


38 Luxury Sedans, High End SUV’s, Sports Cars, Motorcycles & An Inventory of HRE Rim & Tire Sets
Plus A 35’ Carver Mariner Power Boat
& Frieghtliner Truck Tractor

Please click on "Auction Catalog" under helpful links to view a complete list of vehicles to be sold.

For vin #'s please send us your fax number. Either call the office or email to: .  The US Marshall Service has requested that all vin #'s be sent out via fax.

Inspection Date: 
Wednesday, October 23rd 9AM to 5PM

Pickup Date: 
Friday, October 25th 9AM to 5PM
Auctioneer's Note: 

Registration begins 10AM morning of auction.

This auction the auction format will be "Auction Lane". Inside our climate controled building the audience will be seated and the cars will be driven up to the podium. The bidding will commence and once a vehicle is sold, the next vehicle will be brought up. The vehicles will be sold in lot # order as they are listed in the Auction Catalog.

We strongly encourage all bidders to join us on inspection day. As we don't offer inspection on the day of the auction and the vehicles will only be started at 10AM & 2PM on Inspection Day.

US Marshals Service

Auction Terms: 

Please be aware, the deposit and final payment requirements are different than our other auctions. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our regular customers, however we must follow specific guidelines regarding procedure. Therefore all bidders will be expected to abide by the Terms of Sale as provided below.

  • Deposit (each individual lot is considered a seperate purchase)
  • A Purchase of $5,000 or more requires an immediate $5,000 deposit.
  • A Purchase under $5,000 requires an immediate $1,000 deposit.
  • A Purchase less than $1,000 will require immediate full payment.

Cash Equivalent Money
All deposits and final payments must be in the form of a bank cashier’s check or cash, U.S. Funds. All bank cashier’s checks must be made payable to: MSN Services, LLC. Personal or business checks, bank letters of guarantee or bank letters of credit will not be accepted at this auction. No Buyer's Premium.

Click Here: To View Complete "Terms of Sale"



I'm interested in the US Marshals Seized Vehicle Auction. I wanted to know if I could obtain a list of the cars

I'm interested in the US Marshals Seized Vehicle Auction. I wanted to know if I could obtain a list of the car

Hi Mike List will be available in about a month to 6 weeks from now. Hope all is well with you. Mike

Leo Thank you for the inquiry. We usually get a list of the vehicles for sale about 3 weeks prior to the auction. Check back toward the beginning of October. We will list the mileage also. If you want to see the results of the last US Marshalls Auction, go to past auctions (on this website) and then click on the Marshall Sale. Thank you again. Mike


For all those customers looking for a list of the vehicles. It will be posted as soon as we get it from the US Marshall Service. They usually get it to us approx. 3 weeks prior to the auction date. Please check this webpage in early October. Thank you Mike

I am a cameroonian interested in the auction sales. How do participate? Can i do it online?pl

Thank you for the question. However bidding from out of the country would not be feasible. Vehicles must be paid for in full (please read the terms of sale, there are no exceptions) AND picked up within 24 hours of auction. We have had a number of these US Marshall Auctions over the last year and no one from out of the country has ever purchased a vehicle. The logistics just do not work. Thank you for the question and I am sorry I can't be of more help. Mike

This is open to the public? I don't need a dealer license to bid? Thanks

David, Yes it is open to the public. In the past auctions there have been a mixture of dealers and individuals who have purchased vehciles. Thank you for the question. Mike Sklar

When you inspect the cars, can you actually start them and sit in them? Any fees associated with becoming a bidder and buyer?

Neil, The cars will be started the day before the auction (as stated above) at 10am and at 2pm only. You can sit in them and look under the hood. Obviously you can't drive the vehicles. There are no fees or buyer premiums in this sale. The list of vehicles (auction catalog) should be available in early October. Please check back on the website. Mike Sklar

I'm interested in the US Marshals Seized Vehicle Auction. I wanted to know if I could obtain a list of the cars

Saad, Thank you for your interest. The list will be ready approx. 2 to 3 weeks prior to the auction. Check back 1st or 2nd week in October. Mike

how to join

Everyone is welcome to come to the sale. Just show up the day of inspection or the auction day and register to bid. It is a live auction. Please read the deposit requirments on this page. They have to be followed exactly. Thank you Mike

Do the vehicles come with the titles? If not, how would you go about getting them registered after purchase?

Yes all vehicles come with United States Government titles. So far we have done 4 US Marshall auctions and no one has had a problem registering their vehicles after buying them. Thank you Mike

what are the auction hours?

Bob, To answer your question. The auction starts promptly at 11am (on Oct. 24 in Lodi) and it should be over by 12:30/1pm (depending on how many vehicles are in this auction). The viewing and start-up of vehicles times are listed above. Pickup and full payment of the vehicles is at the conclusion of the auction and the next day. Once again the times are listed above. We will not have the list of the cars until 2 or 3 weeks prior to the sale date. Thank you for the inquiry. Mike

Do you have an inventory list for the U.S.Marshal's Seized Vehicle auction?

Peter, Please see above. The list of vehicles will be released to us (and we will immediately put it on this webpage) approx. 3 weeks prior to the auction date. Mike


When do photos of these cars come out? thanks

Andrew, We anticipate having the photos up on this webpage by end of the day Thursday. Thanks for your interest.

Is it possible for me to get a list of all the vehicles and vin #'s with mileage E-Mailed to me ? Thank you

Michael and all bidders that requested vin #'s: Please email your individual requests to When we get the vin #'s from the US Marshalls we will forward them to you via fax, so I will need your fax number. Mike

I would like the VINs for: Lot 6, 7, & 8, (Lexus LX570's); Lot 12 (jeep cherokee SRT); Lot 19 (2007 Mercedes CLK550) and Lot 33 (1997 Mercedes SL500). Thank you.

Greg, Email your fax # to and I will get you the vin #'s Mike

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