Government Authorized Auction
By Retention of Bergen County


2010 Ford Crown Vic 2FABP7BV3AX106313
2010 Ford Crown Vic 2FABP7BV5AX106314
2009 Ford Crown Vic 2FAHP71V19X116913
2008 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71V38X134299
2008 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71V48X160863
2008 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71V38X164158
2007 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W37X119650
2007 Ford Crown Vic 2FAHP71W37X100704
2006 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W76X165495
2006 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP971W56X136402
2006 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W86X156272
2005 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W55X136673
2001 Ford Crown Vic 2FAFP71W71X155445
2005 Ford Expedition 1FMPU16545LA93540
2000 Ford Expedition 1FMRU1669YLA32626
2016 Ford Explorer 1FM5K8AR3GGB81555
2005 Ford Explorer 1FMZU72K45ZA59635
2002 Ford Explorer 1FMDU72E52UC40157
2001 Ford Explorer 1FMZU72E31ZA23133
2005 Ford F250 Extended Cab Pick Up Truck 1FTSX21Y1SEA33975
2001 Ford F250 Pick Up Truck 1FTNX21F91EB55487
1995 Ford F350 Pick Up Truck 1FDKE37H9SHC13150
1996 Ford Ranger 1FTCR10A6TTA53340
2003 GMC Pick Up Truck 1GTHC24U23E166840
2001 GMC Pick Up Truck 1GTHK24U01E241292
1994 GMC Pick Up Truck 1GTGK24K6RE508117
1998 GMC Safari Van 1GTDL19W3WB534516
2011 GMC Sierra Pick Up Truck 1GTN2VEA6BZ327080
2001 GMC Sonoma Cargo Van 1GTCS14WX1K169315
2001 GMC Sonoma Pick Up Truck 1GTCS14W018220656
2001 Chevy Pick Up Truck 1GCDT19WX1K141038
2001 Chevy Astro Van 1GCDL19W21B146069
2001 Chevy Express Van 1GCHG39R911165025
2010 Chevy Tahoe 1GNMCAE05AR214008
1999 Dodge Caravan 2B4FP25B6XR166077
2001 Dodge Dakota 1B7GG26X31S333762
2009 Dodge Dakota Hot Shot Body 1D7HE32K69S756928
2009 Dodge Dakota Hot Shot Body 1D7HE32K89S756929
2006 Dodge Dakota Hot Shot Body 1D7HE22K56S644546
2007 Dodge Durango 1D8HB38P77F565497
2007 Dodge Durango 1D8HB38P67F570836
2003 Buick Century 2GWS52J331123092
2001 Bluebird Bus 1BAGBCPH01F099420
2008 Ford E350 Wagon 1FBSS31L08DB53533
2011 Ford E450 Bus 1FDFE4FS9BDB22567
2010 Ford E450 Bus 1FDFE4FS8ADA12981
2007 Ford E450 Bus 1FDXE45S67DA69775
2006 Elgin Geo Vac Sweeper 49HAADBV85DU59180
1982 Caterpillar Wheel Loader 62K12O96
1985 Hahn Tower Ladder Truck HCCT33585
1989 Pierce Pumper Truck 1P9CT02K1KA040612
1992 Fire House Trailer 325355
1996 International 3800 1HVBBABP1TH262242
2002 Johnston Gannon Street Sweeper 1FVAB3BV02DK21705
2005 Johnston Street Sweeper 1J9VM3H655C172085
1991 Mack Garbage Truck 1M2P231C6MM009394
2002 Honda Odyssey 2HKRL18622H514550
2009 Nissan Altima 1N4AL21E09N483951
2003 Nissan Murano JN8AZ08WX3W208508
2009 Nissan Quest 5N1BV28UX9N104150
2005 Toyota Prius JTDKB20U153126486
1992 Nuway Trailer 415KD0814NH824711
1996 Wells Cargo Enclosed Single Axle Trailer 1WC200E12T1074249
1986 Yale Forklift N427913
1990 Rokon 2X2 AWD Motorcycle 1Y9AA1013KA700009
  ATS5 Variable Message Sign Board 1B9AF51107M825262
  ATS5 Variable Message Sign Board 1B9AF51107M825263
  Scavenger Gasoline Powered Water Pump  
  Snap On HD35 Fluid Exchanger (New)  
  Honda Gasoline Powered Power Washer  
  Super Vac Gasoline Powered Exhaust Fan  
  Ammco Brake Lathe  
  Snap On Brake Lathe  
  Ford Electric Air Compressor  
  Toro Gasoline Powered 826 Snow Blower   
  Ariens Gasoline Powered 824 Snow Blower   
  Karcher Pressure King Power Washer  
  Honda Gasoline Powered HS80 Snow Blower  
  Mtd Gasoline Powered 826 Snow Blower  
  Mtd Gasoline Powered 826 Snow Blower  
  Emergency Living Shelter Trailer (No Title)  

The DPW facility is hard to find.  The facility is located directly behind the New Bridge Medical Center. 
Please Follow The "Directions to Auction Site" below.

  220 East Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652, US (map)

Preview Dates:
  •   Wednesday, October 17, 2018 @ 10:00am - 4:00pm
  •   Thursday, October 18, 2018 @ 9:00am - 11:00am

Pickup Dates:
  •   Thursday, October 18, 2018 @ 1:00pm - 4:00pm
  •   Friday, October 19, 2018 @ 8:00am - 4:00pm

Government Authorized Auction
By Retention of Bergen County

  • Commercial Trucks
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Police Cruisers
  • Hahn Ladder Truck
  • CAT Wheel Loader
  • Trailers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Jitney Buses & More.

The DPW facility is hard to find. 
The facility is located directly behind the New Bridge Medical Center. 
Please Follow The "Directions to Auction Site" below.

A 25% minimum deposit is due at the time of successful bid in cash, certified, or cashier’s check. 
Business checks accepted if accompanied by a properly worded bank letter of guarantee (Click Here For Sample Letter of Guarantee.)  These funds must be presented at the time of successful bid. Bids without a deposit will not be accepted. No Personal Checks.

Final Payment must be paid at conclusion of auction or next day before 3PM.
 No Items can be removed until entire invoice is paid in full. Auctioneer reserves the right to resell buyer’s lots, with buyer forfeiting their deposit, if full payment is not made by 3PM, next day.

NO Buyer’s Premium applies at this auction. 

All items are sold “as is, where is” without warranty or guarantee. Please inspect all items carefully before bidding. There will be no re-bids or rebates after an item is sold. This catalog is presented strictly as a guide and is subject to errors and omissions.

No returns or adjustments will be made after the auction.  Bidders who wish to pay by credit card relinquish any and all rights to charge backs.

The record of sale kept by the Auctioneer will be taken as final in the event of any dispute.  In the event the auctioneer cannot release a lot, the extent of the auctioneer’s responsibility will be to refund all monies paid in connection with the lot in question.

All persons attending, inspecting or removing merchandise assume all risks whatsoever of damage or loss to person and property and specifically release the Auctioneer formal liability therefore.  The auctioneer shall not be liable by reason of any defect in condition of the merchandiser premises on which the sale is held.

Additional Terms of Sale may be announced by auctioneer on day of auction. 
A bid signifies acceptance of these Terms of Sale.

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